Epilogue- OperationC4yourself


“I’m writing a book,” I told Scott Gordon, almost a year after my infiltration, “about what really happened when I got caught.”

I’d often wondered why they let me go.  Surely it must have been my suicide threat…

“Oh – by the way. Now that enough time has passed, I guess I will send you the e-mail I wrote to the CoS attorney, Gary Soter – you can put that in your book.” Scott told me.

“I never knew you sent him any email,” I said. “What did you write?”

“Oh, yeah… I’ve been very quiet about that, but I’ll send you a copy,” he said.

A few days later I got a copy of his letter. I read it. With curiosity I looked at the date and gasped.  It was dated June 5, the same day they announced at the end of all of this, they were letting me go back to Florida.


05 June 2013

Gary S. Soter

Legal Representation – Church of Scientology Western United States

re: Yuliya Keaton (also known as, Lia Kea)

bcc: limited personal and confidential distribution

To Mr. Soter:

This is a communication acknowledging receipt of your e-mail and to inform you of the following:

1) Some months ago, Yuliya Keaton made me aware of her intention to conduct an investigation into your organization, of which I was once a member, with the primary intention of recording and documenting and exposing any Human Rights abuses observed.

2) I advised Yuliya to be cautious and not to do anything illegal.

3) Other than receiving an occasional report from her, I had nothing to do with her preparations or final decision to carry out her mission.

4) Yuliya represented to me when asked, that she had no family in the country. I was concerned, and suspected that she would be pursuing her mission on her own. I therefore became anxious for her personal safety, given my own personal experience with the organization, and numerous reports of abusive treatment of Sea Org members deemed to be unworthy of regular service (which service is already under serious question, as far as compliance with basic human rights).

5) I gave Yuliya my phone number, and she in turn, entrusted me with her e-mail account and its password. This gave me ongoing access to anything she stored on that account, even though I only made use of that access reluctantly, and on very few occasions.

6) Yuliya asked me to view the data she was uploading, in the form of photos and videos. I asked her whether she was expecting me to disseminate this information in any way, and she told me no, that I should only keep the material safeguarded, and that she might use it later, for writing her own articles and reports of her experiences.

7) I respected Yuliya’s wishes as outlined above, and only downloaded information because she seemed to want me to read it, and for her to know it was being safely backed up.

8) I had very little personal interest in the data – most of which was familiar to me from my experiences years earlier in the exact same location, under training as an intelligence officer for the church, allowing me to have already viewed each and every one of the secret documents included in the materials Yuliya was uploading to her e-mail account.

9) I am not currently part of any group or organization that would be interested in the information Yuliya allowed me access to.

10) I have never forwarded or transferred any of the data available to me through Yuliya, to any other person, group, location or computer, and only one of my own computers was used to access this information.

11) For my own protection and reference, because of your demand to destroy the photos of documents in my possession, I have taken summary notes of the data that is being removed from my computer, in order to document what was removed. Additionally, I reserve the right to retain these notes and to comment on them in the future as I deem appropriate. As a further comment, most of the information I have viewed had already been leaked to the public domain.

12) I have no interest in keeping, nor reason to retain, any of the photos of documents of your organization photographed by Yuliya. In the spirit of cooperation and acting in good faith, I am eliminating from my computer, all such photos of all of these documents, including but not limited to, the private correspondence of organization staff, and your internal Flag Orders written by the founder.

13) I have no interest in or intention of, sharing any of Yuliya’s private property (photos not including documents for which copyright may be claimed) with any other party, other than for possible presentation to law enforcement should any concern for her safety arise. I reserve the right to hold these documents in trust, until such time as I become convinced that Yuliya is safe, and not being held against her will, and when she, herself, demonstrates clearly that she is in agreement with any such elimination of what I consider to be her personal property.

14) Due to size of files and time considerations, I did not download more than one or two videos and in any case, never viewed any of them. I am eliminating the one video currently in my collection.

15) I am accustomed to one-party recording rights, under Texas law. If California law is different, and if this law was violated in her 5 recordings of private conversations with her recruiter, you will please cite this law and I will be happy to erase those conversations, as well. Otherwise, I consider these private property of Yuliya, and I remain committed to include safeguarding these for her future disposition.

16) Due to the fact that Yuliya apparently does not have family to turn to for support, I have voluntarily become her de facto temporary guardian, and therefore feel obligated to monitor her whereabouts and condition, until such time that I am convinced that she will remain safe, and is not being held against her will.

17) Accordingly, I will need to be convinced of her safety within the next 72 hours, or anytime up to my final decision to report, or I will otherwise be filing a ‘Missing Persons’ report with the FBI and/or other appropriate law enforcement, accompanied with all of the material retained in my possession for the purpose of assisting them in their investigations.

18) Again, I will need to hear directly from Yuliya herself, on any changes to our pre-arranged disposition of her private property. I will also as mentioned, want to hear her voicing directly to me, her own decision to actually remain (or not) with your organization as contracted Sea Org staff.

19) I am also open to speaking with any of the following persons representing your church. Do not expect me to willingly receive communication from you or any other person than the following:

-International Justice Chief of the Church of Scientology International or any of his/her representatives (nor deputies of the office) only as follows:
-Commanding Officer OSA International (giving full name, rank and current post status)
-Commanding Officer OSA West US – Wayne Carnahan
-External Security Chief OSA West US – Beth McKinley

You may of course, continue to keep me informed of your official requests, and relay me information in writing, through e-mail communications.

20) Please understand that whatever arrangements may be worked out with any of the above representatives of the church, I am going to have to hear from Yuliya herself. If Yuliya is not freely and willingly joining the Sea Organization as a result of her own free decision, than by your own written policies, you must let her go, immediately.

21) Despite your hostile and accusative demand letter, and presumption of authority over my voluntary association with one of your problem staff, at this point I remain amenable to working with you and the church towards a conclusion satisfactory to all concerned, with particular attention to the personal safety of Yuliya and the free exercise of freedom of choice on the part of Yuliya Keaton, herself. At this point I have no reason or intention to go public with any of this information (despite personal suffering enduring an enforced disconnection with my [now divorced] wife in Costa Rica, due to church policies, over which I do reserve the right to go public).   My amenable and cooperative disposition could change at any point I feel that Yuliya’s Human Rights or my Human Rights, are not being respected and upheld in this process.


Scott Gordon







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