Chapter 9 – “They’re All Un-Friending You Now!”

“Oh, I know why,” said Moxon with a ‘Grinch’ smile. “I sent her a very nice letter, saying, ‘Please give the stolen documents back!’ And to others. They are running like rats from the ship now – that’s why they are all unfriending you on Facebook!”

Soon Moxon came to my room with a print-out of all my Facebook friends.

Dang, another flap on my part, I thought. I was sure my friends list was set the way that only friends could see my friends list. Maybe Aida messed up my settings by mistake, when she was deleting my messages. Or maybe I have a plant from OSA on my friends list.

“Look,” Moxon said, grinning at me, “almost half of your friends unfriended you! Here is the list of your friends before you got busted. This one is from yesterday, and this is now. Now we know that everybody who unfriended you has something to do with this operation.”

[SG note – see also my post to the Facebook group “Progressive Scientology” – re-printed here in the epilogue]

Sh##! I must find a way to let them know that unfriending me won’t benefit them! I thought. I must call Aida!

After he left, I dialed Aida’s number. She picked up right away. “Do me a favor,” she told me, “Never call me again! If you call me one more time, I will call police and tell them you’re harassing me!”

I held the phone, listening to the busy signals, trying process in my mind the concept of the words I’d just heard. (What the hell happened to “If you get caught, I will be bringing you home-cooked-meals-to-prison-everyday” promise?)

Kirsten phoned my room and asked me to come to the lobby.

“Tell me about Karen de la Carriere,” she asked me when I sat at the table with her and Moxon. “Did she ask you to distribute her letter?”


“Really? Then why did you send a message to your Russian buddy, saying that Karen wants you to put her letter under every door in every dorm?” she asked. “And here we have a text message from Eugene to you, asking you, ‘Are you sure Karen wants to do that?'”

I took a deep breath. I had to tell her something. Maybe something like this: “Well, I wanted to make lots of copies of Debbie Cook’s letter and Karen’s letter and put them in incoming baskets, to wake people up, but when I went to Aida’s house and talked to Karen on the phone, she told me it was a very bad idea. After I finished talking to her, Aida talked to her. I did not hear what they were talking about, but when she hung up, Aida said that Karen said that putting letters in incoming baskets was a bad idea, but putting them them under the door is a better idea.” I thought of saying all this – still being mad at Aida.

Kirsten patiently waited for an answer.

“Putting papers under the door is not really illegal,” I finally said. “In the worst case a person who would do something like that or advise somebody to do it, that can be found guilty of mutiny – that’s the best you can do, and only if he or she is in Sea Org!”

“I see you called your friend, Aida,” Kirsten said. “But you did not talk to her too long. What happened?”

“Aida said if I ever call her again, she will call police and file harassment charges!” I blurted, still being in shock by her response.

“Oh, I know why,” said Moxon with a ‘Grinch’ smile. “I sent her a very nice letter, saying, ‘Please give the stolen documents back!’ And to others. They are running like rats from the ship now – that’s why they are all unfriending you on Facebook!”

(Sh## – Aida must be thinking right now that I told them everything. No wonder she is so pissed.)

I felt ashamed of myself for thinking of telling them the above-mentioned story, so to make up for that I said, “I wanted to put Karen’s letter under people’s doors, but I could not print it out from any Sea Org computer, because the website had a block on it, so I asked Eugene to meet me and bring me copies, and he said he does not want to do it because it’s an overt, so I told him it was Karen’s idea – just so he will bring them to me.”

“Did Karen or Aida or anybody else ever threaten you that they would do something thing bad to you or hurt your kids, if you would tell us they were behind your plans?” Moxon asked.

“No, of course not!” I said. “As I said before, nobody ever asked me or threatened me to do anything for them. It was all my idea – just like I wrote in my affidavit.”

“I still don’t understand why you are protecting Aida, even after she told you she will call the cops on you – and why you are protecting Karen,” Kirstin said, “You don’t even know her!”

“I’ve read about what happened to her son and I think its just outrageous!”

“You mean, when Alex dropped his body?” Kirsten asked. “I agree, it was a big flap. Things like this should not be, and it probably upset you very much as a mother, but you don’t know the whole story!”

That got my attention “What’s the whole story?” I asked.

“You know only Karen’s side of the story. You don’t know that Karen was a very, very bad mother! She was neglecting her son!”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked, deciding I don’t even want to know the rest.

“Because you are helping those people, thinking you are doing the right thing, and they are just using you. Do you think Aida or Karen will get you out of here? They took all your videos and pictures and left you here, and I don’t understand why you are taking responsibility for them.”

“Well, now they know you are busted,” Moxon said. “They will try to get rid of any evidence.”

“I bet all my friends are spreading all the videos and docs, posting them outside of the U.S.A., making lots of youtube accounts under fake names, spreading them like a wild fire, so it will be hard to tell who copied from who,” I said.

“Do you really think your friends are so smart?” Kirsten laughed. “You are giving them too much credit! They probably are having a big shredding party right now! And your buddy Eugene is hiding from us. We sent letters to everybody but him. I don’t know his e-mail or address. We can’t send it to him or serve him.”

I called Eugene. “OSA said you are hiding from them. What’s up with that?”

“Tell them to stop making up tales,” he told me. “I’m not hiding. I never hide. I work right near PAC base, and every morning, when I get out of the subway, on my way to work, I see a lot of Sea Org members. I always greet them, and they greet me back. I have nothing to hide. Tell them to call me if they want to have a conversation. I’m willing to communicate with them on any topic – for example, alterations of materials!”

I told OSA what he told me.

“Here is another affidavit to sign!” Kirsten said. “Forgot to bring it yesterday. This is the last one.”

I read the document she gave me. This time she added all my phone messages I sent to Eugene and all his messages back to me .

“Oh, one more thing, Eugene told me that documents I gave him were worthless and he destroyed everything,” I said. “I just forgot to mention it.”

“And you expect us to believe you?” Moxon asked.

“Yes. I won’t sign it unless you write it down!” I said very firmly.

Moxon shook his head at this foolishness, but added that paragraph. I read the document again.

“You forgot to write that Nancy did not know what was in the files and deleted without opening it,” I reminded him. “You wrote that on the affidavit before, but skipped this part on this one.”

“It says here: ‘She reluctantly accepted the information.’” Kirsten said.

“I don’t know what reluctantly means!” I told her. “I have an M.U! What if that means ‘gladly’? or ‘urgently’?”

[‘M.U.’ – misunderstood word]

“It means, ‘without knowing what it was’,” Kirsten said.

I decided to take her word for it, and signed the affidavit.




One thought on “Chapter 9 – “They’re All Un-Friending You Now!”

  1. I don’t think this affidavit would stand up in court. It was extracted under imprisonment, emotional blackmail, threats and lies.

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