Chapter 7 – “Is All of ASHO Going to Be in Lowers?”

“Let’s just blow the Sea Org, and I’ll take you to Disney!” I blurted out…

The next morning Kirsten came to my room and furiously threw a phone cable on the desk. “Here is your f… – stupid phone cord! The hotel staff must have forgotten to hook it up to your phone!”

After she left I spent nearly an hour examining every inch of the room, trying to locate any bugs, but could not find any.

Just before I went to California, I memorized my phone card’s pin number just in case something like this were to happen, but when I dialed the 800 number of the card, the phone would not allow me to make this phone call. Bummer!

I had no choice but to call Aida directly. I called and warned her that if anybody calls her saying they know everything, they are just bluffing.   Shortly after that, Moxon called me at my room.

“Another lawyer wants to talk to you,” he said. “He is more knowledgeable in cases like this. And you can ask him any questions.”

The lawyer was almost bald, chubby, and about the same age as Moxon.

[SG – this describes Elliot Abelson, the attorney who coerced Debbie Cook to sign away her rights – which was all captured on video and became available to public due to court proceedings that followed]

 He did not really talk to me much, and he surely did not answer any of my questions. He had a short conversation with Kirsten over breakfast, and left. I never saw him again.

“Tell me something,” I asked Moxon. “That receptionist, who worked in the lobby last night – black woman. Is she a Scientologist? Does she work for you?”

“Oh, sure!” he said very grumpily, “Everyone in this hotel works for me! See those guys?” he walked to the window and pointed at the workers fixing the roof, “they all work for me, too, because I have so much money to give away!”

“Must be working for commendation,” I mumbled.

He did not reply, but I’m sure he’d heard me.

The rest of the day I spent with “girls” – but mostly Doughney, talking about her family, her childhood, growing up in Scientology, my art and photography, her hobbies, Harry Potter and Disney parks.

She told me that her parents took her to Disneyland once, when she was very young, and all she could remember is amazing fireworks in different shapes.

“The shaped fireworks are only on special occasions,” I told her.

“Well, I guess it was a special occasion. I was too young, I’m not sure,” she said.

I felt bad. I’d taken my kids to Disney World more times than I could remember – every weekend, every day off – every time we would just get bored and wanted to go out. They practically grew up in Disney, and were taking it for granted. Finally they got tired of the parks so much that sometimes I would say, “Let’s go to Typhoon lagoon!” and they would chose just to stay home and watch TV.

“Let’s just blow the Sea Org, and I’ll take you to Disney!” I blurted out at the dinner table, and for a second I thought I saw a sparkle in her eyes. But then she looked at Security lady, and quickly put her “I&R hat” back on.

“No, I will work really hard. And maybe, some day, on my libs, I will able to go to Disney.”

[‘libs’ – liberties – the promised, but rare, days or half days of free time awarded those Sea Org members with increasing production quotas and statistics]

She told me about her husband, and that they joined the Sea Org very young, and were there for a long time.

“Who is your husband?” I asked.

“Adam,” she replied.

“LRH Comm – Adam?”

[‘LRH Comm’ – the L. Ron Hubbard Communicator (representative) for a local Scientology Organization]

My jaw dropped because I just could not picture those two together.

“He must be very happy right now,” she said. “No wife around to nag him.”

“What do you like about him?” I asked.

“Oh, he is so creative! Always creates something, one time he invented a new flavor of ice cream by adding peanut butter in it! Very creative!”

I almost burst with laughter.  Sea Org members don’t have a lot of ice cream flavors – mostly only chocolate and vanilla, and only once a week, and if the statistics are high.

I had a lot of questions for her about growing up in Scientology, and she did not mind answering them but I felt she was not really truthful, because Security was around.  I wanted to ask her about contraception she is using because pregnancies and abortions were a normal thing in the Sea Org in my days.

I was going to ask her if they had a real honeymoon, but I already knew the answer: Its very hard, almost impossible to get time off in the Sea Org for longer than a day, and even if you perform great and find somebody to replace you while you’re gone, its takes forever to get it approved and by the time its approved, you don’t have a replacement or your stats are low.

“I bet you are getting lots of KRs about out-ethics things,” I said. “Don’t you ever have any doubts or wonder sometimes, why the things the way they are?” I asked. “I don’t have time for that,” she replied. “That’s not my game. My goal is to remove any suppression from the environment so I can see what stops people from having case gains – handle it so they can quickly move up to the Bridge.”

[“Bridge”- the sequence of spiritual progress that comprise the officially-charted Scientology route to “total freedom”]

 “What will happen to all of you guys after you return back to PAC?” I asked her. “Is all ASHO going to be in lower conditions?”

“There is nothing wrong with lower conditions,” Security said. “Situations like that help us to figure out why this happened in the first place, and handle it.”

Doughney agreed with her and then quickly changed the subject back to Harry Potter movies where she had very limited knowledge.

When I get out, I decided, I will send her all Harry Potter books, because it does not sounds like she has read them all.

Earlier, when Security was not around, I gave her my Infinity pendant on the chain. She politely took it and thanked me for it. (A few months ago, on the EPF, I gave this pendant to my unit leader Jena Barns, who, I felt was the coolest person ever and was like a sister to me but I guess she did not feel the same way because she gave it back to me, saying, “I don’t have anything to give you in return, but I have an idea: when you graduate EPF, and get on post, give it to your favorite person.” But you are my favorite person, I almost blurted out, but then decided not to say anything).

It’s always like this in the Sea Org.  Always requiring an “exchange.”

I was really surprised when Doughney took it because it violated new Sea Org policy about taking any gifts from people like me.



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