Chapter 3 – “Is That Kendrick Moxon?”

“Why would you say I was a Scientologist? Why would you even ask me that? Why would you even think that? DO I LOOK LIKE A SCIENTOLOGIST TO YOU?” – Scientologist Computer ‘Expert’

[who left me a cache of files I was able to rescue from Lia’s “delete” folder – …oops! – SG]

I woke up in the middle of the night and began plotting an escape plan. It was not until my eyes got used to the dark, that I noticed Daughney sleeping on the bed next to mine. She must have got in my room after I fell asleep. Now I had to abort my escape plan: Daugney was my friend – one of a few people I actually liked in the Sea Org, and escaping on her watch would result in the condition of “Treason” being assigned to her – perhaps even going to the RPF. She was in a lot of trouble because of me, already.

[“Treason” – a “lower” ethics condition and formula assigned to those who do not measure up to expectations]
[RPF= Rehabilitation Project Force – a “re-education” project for persons so assigned – one “studies” and does counseling part of the time and does labor at least half of every day, until a “change” is evident in that person]


I made an attempt to sneak in the bathroom very quietly, but it was too late. She jumped on her bed as soon as she heard the noise, and I noticed she was sleeping with her uniform on.

“You know, I just woke up and thought it was just a nightmare,” I shared with her my thoughts, “I thought I’m in my dorm, I will go and have some breakfast, then go to the morning muster, then go to study. I was supposed to finish my Mission School today. I only had a few pages left. Now I never will get to finish it.”


She did not respond.

“I wish I had a time machine,” I said, “If I did, I would go back just before I got busted and everything would be normal.”

“If I had a time machine, I would go back three month ago,” Daughney said.

I did not get it. “What happened 3 months ago?”

“Before you came!”

I noticed tears in her eyes and felt like sh++.

Daughney took me to the cafeteria, and sat there watching me eat breakfast.

“What was the name of the OSA lady I talked to yesterday?” I asked her.

“I think her name is Kirsten,” she said, “I just call her, ‘Sir’!”

After breakfast, Daughney and a big red-headed Security lady who never introduced herself, took me to the small furniture-free room near the security office where all my bags were searched and many cameras were found. Since one camera was found in a tampon, all my tampons were open and scattered all over the floor.

Then Daughney was told to ask me to lift up my bra to make sure I didn’t have any cameras hidden inside.

“Just because you are so creative and have such creative ways to hide things,” she explained to me, blushing.

Then I got searched with a metal detector and finally was allowed to pick up all my stuff off the floor, shake it, and put them back in the bags. During the search they found more cameras they did not find before, and a small scanner hidden in my umbrella.

“You can’t take it” I told Kirsten, “That’s my property. It costs lots of money!”

“How much did you pay for all your spy gear?” Kirsten asked. “We have to keep everything as evidence, but we will gladly reimburse you for the money you’ve spent. Here, write down how much you want for it.”

“That’s all you want for it?” PI asked me, looking at the paper. “You should ask for a higher price – at least for replacement value.”

Maybe he is not a Scientologist, after all, I thought. A Scientologist would know that the money would not come from DM’s pocket. It would have to come out from the people’s salary – from all those who let me in or who did not do anything to protect the Sea Org from people like me. From paychecks of people like Snr HCO Brizna, SORO Stephen, and perhaps the whole HCO. Aaron, the Cope Off, told me a few weeks ago, he worked in the Sea Org for many years and it never was as bad as now, pay-wise. When conditions are low, nobody gets paid at all.

[SORO= Sea Org Recruiting Officer]
[Cope Off= Officer assigned to multiple duties to assist Hubbard Communications Office to “cope”]

I knew these “missionaires” would hit ASHOF with a big bill when they returned. The goal of the sea org is to send missions to handle any situation that need to be handled, by finding out what caused it to occur in the first place, and fixing it. And they get assigned amount of money to do so and when they run out of money, they can ask for more and then send the bill to people who are responsible for creating a flap. The whole of ASHOF will be in low conditions for a long time, meaning without getting paid at all for who knows how long, just to pay off the money for this “mission.”

That’s why I asked for the smaller amount – just enough to cover my plane ticket back home because I’d spent all my money on this operation and closed all my bank accounts just before I left Florida.

Kirsten left and came back with the money. She handed it to me. “Now,” she said, “We will have to go to your hotmail account and netload account to see what exactly was stolen. You don’t want to be accused of something you did not steal, right?”

“Right,” I agreed.

The PI asked me for passwords for my account and my hotmail, and I entered them so he could log in (the biggest flap on his part was, he never asked me if I only had one e-mail account).

[Flap= mistake of proportions to potentially cause problems]
[SG note – a bigger “flap” was that I went into the account and recovered all her e-mailed files still there in the “trash” folders!]

I let them copy all my videos and documents, secretly hoping friends had already made copies of them.

He clicked on one of the videos. It was an audio, actually. At first I could not hear it, then I realized it was a ‘Chinese school.’ “Keep a club handy to the QM table! – What is it? – ‘Keep a club handy to the QM table!’ – Good! Don’t let any unauthorized person aboard under any pretext! – What is it? – ‘Don’t let any unauthorized person aboard under any pretext!!’ – Good! They could plant drugs, or rob or serve papers! – What is it? – They could plant drugs or rob or serve papers!’”

[Chinese School – a unison chorus of voices repeating back what the leader has said as a “training method” for group memorization of material considered important]

PI clicked on another video. Then another.



“We don’t have time to listen them all – just delete them,” Kirsten  said.

Just before he deleted all my videos, I had a chance to see that somebody had downloaded some of the videos twelve and more times.

“Done. Now let’s take care of videos she sent from her phone to her hotmail account,” said the lawyer. “How do I send all e-mails at once? I want to send them all to my own e-mail address.”

I looked at the computer screen to see what email address he was going to forward them to and I saw “Moxon-Kobrin.”

Moxon! (That was Kendrick Moxon! Wow! I had no idea!)

“Is that Kendrick Moxon?” I asked Daughney.

“I don’t know who Kendrick Moxon is – that’s Rick,” she told me.

Moxon still could not figure out how to forward all videos at once, so he called his computer guy. We all sat outside by the smoking area, having lunch, while waiting for him to arrive. Computer guy did not know how to do it, so he had to get another computer guy involved. “Ah, just forward me every e-mail, one by one,” Moxon said after they gave up, and I sat there and waited till they forwarded all the videos and docs.

“I can’t believe he does not know what the heck he is doing,” I whispered to PI. “Yeah, we should fire him,” he whispered back.

“Okay, it’s done,” Computer guy finally said.

“How do people access these emails?” Moxon asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Easy. I just send them to myself, and everybody who has my password can get to them.”


“Are you a Scientologist?” I asked the Computer guy.

“I’m not a Scientologist – I’m just a geek!!” He said, trying to fake anger in his voice. “Why would you say I was a Scientologist? Why would you even ask me that? Why would you even think that? DO I LOOK LIKE A SCIENTOLOGIST TO YOU? You know, you made me very upset. Yeah, I’m very mad now. I’m just a geek – not – a Scientologist!” he went on and on like a lame soap opera actor, badly playing his role, and so I regretted even asking that question.

Kirsten came and brought us some more food and an affidavit for me to sign. “The same you signed last night. We just added there the list of your spy equipment,” she said.

I read it, making sure there were no names on it, and signed it again.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – “Is That Kendrick Moxon?”

  1. This keeps getting creepier. All of this was done under duress, violating Lia’s rights. And the emotional blackmail of putting a friend in the room. Ugh. So disgusting. LRH was an expert on brainwashing.

    I never knew the Sea Org invoiced for their missions. Yeah, real church alright! Real charity! Not really – really an organized crime syndicate and human trafficking operation and extortion/blackmail ring. Good for your for exposing them, Lia!

    • yes, thats the main income of Sea org. They find orgs with low statistics and send there missionaries to find out why stats are low and handle it. As soon as stats are up again,missionarries leave and send them the bill for handling. Everything else sea org does,its just secondary duties,while they wait for the next mission.

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