Chapter 2 – “Who Sent You?”

“Oh, Scott definitely has something to do with this… Scott just LOVES undercover operations!” – OSA Int Security Chief

OSA came back with my phone and once again I hated myself for not deleting all my messages. I honestly thought that two passwords I had on it – one is to protect the screen, and one is to protect the messages – would do their job.

(When I got busted with my camera, I also had a cellphone in my bra. Security wanted me to give him the video of David Miscavige’s speech, but reached for the phone and while security was staring at it, I slipped the memory card through the hole in my pocket that I made with scissors a day before, and hid it in the shorts’ pocket that I put that day under the uniform. Then Christine (the MAA) took my phone to examine it, and I was glad that the battery was low. In about a minute, my phone would lock itself and she would not be able to get to any data even if she could charge it. But then she tricked me. She told me she wanted to make sure I had no org data on the phone, and I unlocked it and let her see it. Everything was on memory cards, so I did not worry. Then she grabbed my phone and while it was still on, she quickly figured how to get to my settings and removed my password.)

[MAA= Master at Arms – the Ethics Officer of a ship – Navy or Sea Org]

“Did Karen de la Carriere ever offer you money to steal the documents?” OSA asked.

“NO!” I said.

“She has lots of money. She would love to sponsor something like that! Did she asked you to steal something else, like a uniform or Sea Org cap? Do you happen to know why does she need a Sea Org cap? She is offering money to all former Sea Org members who happen to have any parts of uniform for sale.”

“Why would I risk my freedom to steal some stupid hat?!” I said. “I never even have my own cap. I’m not even a petty officer yet, and as I told to Christine, I borrowed somebody else’s cap just to take those pictures of myself in it.”

“Okay,” OSA said. “I see. We also have some dictionaries missing, and some tech books, do you know anything about it, by any chance?”

“Are you kidding me?” I said very sincere. “I’m not a thief, I did not flew here from Florida to steal a stupid dictionary. I had a totally different agenda, and I would not risk my freedom for something stupid like that! The reason the bag looked so big is because the videos were inside of dental floss and the dental floss was inside a safe hidden in a Dianetics book!”

“Okay, I believe you. Lets talk about Nancy Many. Here is the text message we have that Eugene sent you, saying he sent all docs to Nancy Many; and there is another message that she picked it up. Explain it.”

“Well…” I tried to gather up my thoughts… “I told Eugene that Nancy wants these docs. That’s why he sent it to her. But she really did not want them.”

“If she did not want the documents, why did she agreed to receive them, then?” PI asked.

“Maybe she did not know what it was, and when she found out, she deleted them. I doubt she even opened the files. Actually, I think she probably deleted them without even reading.” I tried to sound very convincing.

“Is Nancy an independent Scientologist or she is ex-Scientologist?” PI asked.

“No!” I said, smiling at him, “She is a Catholic!”

PI laughed. “Oh, I know what you are smiling about. She is a Catholic, and I’m a Catholic. I get that!”

Scott Gordon!” OSA exclaimed “What does he have to do with any of this?”

“Nothing,” I said.

“Oh, Scott definitely has something to do with this. He was the DSA in Texas. Did he told you how OSA works and gave you some tips? I bet he would be the first who would volunteer to help you. Scott just LOVES undercover operations!”

[DSA= Director of Special Affairs]

“He was just suppose to keep me safe,” I said, “Just in case if I will become a missing person.”

“Did he explain to you how OSA works and tell you how to steal the documents?”

“He did told me about OSA, but I just want to make it clear – he had no idea that I wanted to steal the documents – even I did not plan to steal any documents, until I found them in the computer. I told him I’m going only to record videos to see if there is any abuse going on, and he was fine with that. Then I spoke to him a few weeks later, and he told me he reconsidered and it’s a bad idea and I should just forget it, and I told him I found some documents that could be useful and he told me it was illegal and I should not take any documents, but I did not listen and downloaded them anyway,” I said, trying to make it sound very believable.

“Okay, I see,” said OSA, who kept reading my messages. “Dan Garvin! I see you called him several times. Did he gave you some tips how to trick us too?”

“Who is Dan Garvin?” PI asked.

“He is ex-OSA, too,” she said. “How do you know him?”

“Oh, he is just a friend,” I said.

“Have you talked to his sister?”

“His sister? I even had no idea he had a sister!”

“Marty Rathbun! Did you talk to him or Monique? We know you asked her what colors of the buttons on the Sea Org uniforms, so you would buy a camera the same color. What did she tell you?”

“She said she has no idea!”

“How do you know her?”

“I don’t know her at all – never met her. One time on Facebook I commented on the picture of her cat!”

The lawyer laughed. “You commented on the picture of her cat? You commented on the picture of her cat?” he repeated, as if I told him something extraordinary. He kept laughing. I thought he was losing it. “You commented on a picture of her cat!”

“Mike Rinder!” OSA interrupted him.

“Same – he had nothing to do with that. He unfriended me on Facebook a year ago.”

“How rude! Did he tell you why he unfriended you? Did he say something like, ‘You are crazy, go away!’?”


“I see… Mark Bunker and Tony Ortega! We know you told them you wanted to infiltrate the Sea Org. What did they tell you?”

“Don’t do it.”

“Really? Don’t do it? Why would they say ‘Don’t do it?’ I know Tony would be all over this story!”

“I don’t know, maybe because they don’t know me. They probably thought I was some OSA plant, or something!”

[OSA plant – a volunteer or paid informant pretending to be “independent” from the Church]

“I see… Theresa Vivanco! That woman is so nosy. She is always into everybody’s business. Is she helping you?”


“What about Synthia Fagen, does she go by Sindy now?

She kept on and on with lots of names and I kept giving her the same answer.

“So most of your friends, except Aida, told you not to do it. How come Aida tells you go ahead and do it, and then sends everybody e-mails behind your back and tells them she told you not to do it?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“No idea.”

OSA stared at me. Then she spoke very slowly.

“Why are you protecting her? She is not even your friend. She got you busted, took your videos and left you here alone. You have no idea how nasty she can be – you don’t know her like we do.”

I did not answer.

“Don’t you get it? All people who told you, ‘Go ahead, do it,’ just used you. You did all their dirty work for them,” she told me.

“That right,” PI joined in the conversation. “Aida is not your friend. Do you know who your real friends are? Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Tory Christman, Sindy Fagen, Rafael Delarosa, Mark Banker, Tony Ortega…and everybody else who unfriended you or said, ‘Don’t do it.’ They knew it was dangerous, they worried about you. They did not want you to get in trouble. They cared enough about you to say ‘Don’t do it – bad idea.’ And all the others, who knew about your plans and did not stop you, they are not your friends.”

“They just did not think infiltration was possible,” I explained, “They did not believe I can do it, that’s why they said it’s a bad idea.”

“Well, I will give you that. Even we were surprised how you pulled off something like that, passed security checks, fooled everybody, and nobody knew you were an ex-Sea Org member. It was perfect timing. We just got a new file system – many years passed by. You have changed. Nobody recognized you,” OSA admitted.

“Tell me the truth,” I asked, getting into ‘truth or dare’ mode, “Who recognized me? There are only a few people who knew me here from Flag. Then I saw Patricia, the Security Checker who chased me across the street with other MAAs when I blew Flag, caught me and brought me back. When I saw her at PAC, I was not sure that was her. I looked at her checksheet and she had a different name. Was she the one?”

[PAC= Pacific Base – the famous Sea Org blue complex in Los Angeles]

I decided it was not a good idea mentioning another person who knew me and already was going through CommEv for falling asleep on her post.

[CommEv= Committee of Evidence – a serious justice action which amounts to a kangeroo court of sentencing anyone in trouble with Scientology]

“I can’t tell you that,” OSA said. “But somebody recognized you a few days ago, and alerted us. I wish they had done it sooner.”

The lawyer left, then came back with some papers. “Here, this is your affidavit. Read it and sign,” he said.

I took it out of his hands and began reading in silence.

“I can’t sign that,” I finally said. “I’m not signing it! It’s-a bullsh++”

“Well,” OSA said, “Let’s take away things you disagree with here, and leave what’s true. Here is a pen. Take out what you disagree with and make some corrections.”

I took out everything that would get people in trouble.  She read it.

“We already have your testimony on the the tape recorder. Why are you denying everything again? We know you gave the bag to Aida!”

“Take all names out, and just write ‘he or she’ instead of the names, then I’ll sign it.” I said.

She rolled her eyes but took out the names. She printed a new copy for me. I read the document again. Twice.

With a heavy heart I signed the affidavit.

“Good. Finally, we got something. It’s very late now, we should get some sleep. Tomorrow we will continue,” OSA said.

“Oh, one more question, before you go,” PI said. “Are there more people like you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Let me rephrase the question. Are there more spies in the Sea Org?”

Just for fun’s sake, I was going to tell him that one ignorant and annoying guy named Jeremy from Div6 ASHO day was a spy, because he had a cellphone and used to record every single muster or meeting. Then I pictured a poor guy being Sec Checked over and over, and penalized for something he was not, and decided to give him a break.

“I don’t know anybody personally,” I said, “But watch out. I’m sure more spies will come soon.”

Two Securities took me to an empty room in the main building where two beds were already made, and put one security outside, to guard my door. To my own surprise, I fell asleep right away.



One thought on “Chapter 2 – “Who Sent You?”

  1. This is very disturbing. If they wanted to have Lia arrested, she would have had the right to not answer and to have an attorney if that happened. And then sleeping with guards outside the door. This is crime syndicate, not a church.

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